Books and the Banning of them

Books are so amazing and can teach so many things and to think that people want to ban them is crazy. Here is a more in-depth review of the situation.


Banning books has been exercised all around the world since the beginning of them. From newly written to old classics books are banned for violence, profanity, sexual content and drugs. But books offer a wide variety of insight and ideas to the reader. We need to stop banning books for the sake of our children.

According to the American Library Association in the past 10 years approximately 5,100 books have been challenged or banned. The top 3 reasons are sexual content, offensive language, and drug use. Having, at 12, read To Kill a Mockingbird, I learned about the social and racial interactions during the 1930’s. This type of information is presented in an entertaining way, making it easier to understand and appreciate, instead of reading it from a bland textbook. If you disagree with something don’t take it away from everybody. Children have the right to read what they chose. The First Amendment grants the freedom of press, which Justice William Brennan reasoned, “the First Amendment right to express ideas must be supported by an implied right to receive information and ideas.”

When people ban books, they take away children’s opportunity to learn about society, history, and ideas. Books are among our greatest teachers. They express new ways of thinking and help readers expand their knowledge bank. For example, I read The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian; a book banned consecutively for 8 years. I learned how the main character had to leave his family to get a better education because a good education wasn’t offered on the reservation. This is information that I was not aware of.

I hope you enjoyed this topic and also hope it encouraged you to get out there and read some books. 😉



Homeschooling vs. Public Schooling

In my latest post I talked about going back into Public school and that transition. In a essay I wrote not too long ago I talk about the pros and cons of Homeschooling. Today I will be sharing that with you and I want you to let me know what you think about the situation.

Homeschooling is a wonderful freedom to have. In today’s education where “teaching to the test” is the standard, homeschooling can be an alternative. After I finished the 5th grade in 2015 that’s exactly how my mom felt. With an English major and other valuable resources mom felt she could teach better than to the test. However, after three years of fabulous homeschooling I was ready to go back.

My mom was not easily swayed, so I started writing a list of pros for returning. Firstly, school has structure and a schedule. At x time you have to be at y class. With homeschooling I have the option to sleep in. That can sometimes lead to school lasting until 7:00 or 8:00 at night.

Secondly, public school allows me to socialize with kids my age all the time. Mom signed me up for two co-ops but its just not enough. It is only 3 days a week and 2 of them are only for half a day. Public school offers opportunities that I normally do not get at home school. Clubs, types of opportunities, allows me to explore my interest with other people.

Lastly, on average we spend about 6 hours a week just driving to and from classes. That is a huge chunk of time that could be spent learning math formulae or writing an essay or even socializing. Public school on the other hand is just 5 minutes a day.

For me, going back into public school is a step in the right direction. I look forward to meeting new friends that share common interest, and having more free time.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I look forward to posting tomorrow. 🙂

Back in the Swing of Things

For the past three years I have been home schooled. It been a wonderful experience but very recently I have made the decision to go back to public school. Preparing has and will be rough but getting back in the swing of things is my end goal. I haven’t posted in a while because mainly with school and co-ops and just time in general I haven’t gotten the chance to just sit down and write. However in the years that I have not posted I’ve got some amazing new papers I’d love to share plus one that I am working on right now.

Here is one that will be in the adventures category…

I never thought that in a million years I would get hit by a car, let alone a truck.

It was Wednesday, which means mom and I get out of the house. We loaded up our bikes, and headed downtown to ride. We traversed up and down hills in the neighborhood. Then spun our wheels around the lake. After getting bored of this side of town we waited forever to cross-busy Main Street heading to the baseball fields. The rocky path to the complex turns into grass and we pull of into a branch littered ditch. After racing around the sidewalk of the fields I was ready to go home. Crossing the treacherous ditch mom drove over a branch and it popped up and smacked her in the shin. Now we really wanted to go home. We followed the rocky road back up to Main Street so we could get back to the truck. Cars coming left and right forced us to wait as it did the truck on the opposite side of the road. When the coast was clear we waited for the truck to go. He didn’t move. Mom thought he was being courteous so we began to cross. In the middle of the street we noticed he started moving. Trying to counter my forward momentum I slammed on the brakes and panicked backwards. Even with mom screaming and me backpedaling the truck was faster. CRASH!!! The trucks front bumper smashed into my bike as he drove away to turn around. Luckily he was going slowly enough that not even the bike was hurt. Being the kind individual he was, he stopped to check up on the bike and me. In the end everyone was OK but I did learn that even if the coast is clear always be aware of your surroundings.


Pen to the Paper Episode 3.5

Episode 3 ½

I have this entry as 3 ½ because it is a short. I have also noticed that I haven’t been doing “one-liners” in season two. So to make up for that I will have a one-liner in my ‘short episodes’ and some of my regular episodes that way you’re not missing out on anything :D.

W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W

I kinda forgot how to do one-liners and ‘>’ wasn’t working out so the @ will be replacing the >.

W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W

Now for the real one-liner: So, the school year is coming to a close and most public schools go one week into June but since my Superintendent really likes me I get to get out in May. Hooray!

W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W @ @ W

True story from this morning….

Goosebumps formed on my extremities. My inferior maxillary began to move. The hairs on my neck stood up. The machine was turning towards me. Once it reached me…

I turned off the fan cause I was cold and it was loud.

Goosebumps – Bumps that form on one’s body in result of an emotion or feeling.

EX: Nervous and cold.

Extremities – Arms and legs

Inferior Maxillary – Lower jaw bone

Pen to the Paper


Episode Three

 Have you ever made the mistake of reheating McDonald’s french fries? They turn into packing peanuts. Tat is rly rly dumm! Sometimes dumb things can be funny like Jim Gaffingan’s Beyond the Pale, which is referenced above. Other dumb things can just be annoying. I have brought to you some annoying dumb things from my life below. 

 Today’s topic is about (in my opinion) dumbness. Lately, I have been given a lot of dumb assignments. Like recently, I was given an assignment to write three, deep, thoughtful questions. It took about 10-15 minutes of the most beautiful part of the day. After completing the well thought out questions, I was asked to answer them. First of all, who does that to someone!? It’s just cruel man! Why, ‘sniff sniff’, why? Second of all, I ask questions I don’t know the answers to. That’s what my teacher has been teaching me. Not to ask irrelevant questions. So back to the second reason, again why? This next assignment is even more corrupt and cruel than the first, The movement of a rock, over time. Not even gonna lie. Straight out of Veggie-Tales. So at first, I didn’t have a problem with it. The wind could move it and erosion and what not. But then I realized that this Krypton space rock can move faster than me. I looked through the one thousand papers on rocks that were handed to me and sure enough, this NASCAR rock blows me away. I mean come on I knew it was close but I thought I won the race! Thanks for reading. 😀


Pen to the Paper Season 2 Episode 2

Pen to the Paper

Episode 2 of Season 2

Welcome back to another Pen to the Paper. Today we are talking about yesterday. Yesterday began with a great nights sleep starting at 12:01. I woke at 9:28 and got ready for the day. Next, I ate a quick breakfast because today we were taking my grandad to the doctor’s office. We left around 10:15. At the doctor’s office I started reading an amazing book titled, The Golden Compass. It is a very well written book. I give a round of applause to Philip Pullman. Following the doctor’s office we went to eat at an Asian restaurant. After a full belly and some energy we headed to Target, Kroger, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. With the shopping done we finally made our way home. The time was now 2:00. At 3:45 my friend and I were going to ride our bikes around the town. Back at our house my friend and I took the boat down to our pond and paddled around. After paddling we went back inside for some refreshing water. Then sadly my friend had to leave. I know that this episode wasn’t the funniest but I did translate in Klingon just in case Spock (or my Grandmother Nancy) happened to stop by. If you want to translate any language to any language visit the link below. Thanks for reading.

majQa’ Dub latlh ghItlhwI’ nav. DaHjaj vIghel maH wa’Hu’. tagh wa’Hu’ Dun ram Qong legh 12: 01 starting. 9: 28 DeSDu’ woke ‘ej yIghuS webbogh. NaQoyqa’moHlu’NI’ Qapchu’ nIQ vISop HoSqu’mo’ DaHjaj grandad ghaH maH Qel mIw’e’. mej maH around 10: 15. qaStaHvIS Qel mIw’e’ amaze paq jenDaq HuS meQbogh Compass titled, laD, jItlhIjchoHtaH. maj ghItlh paq. round quvmoHmeH wabmey nob jIH philip pullman. pab Qel ghaH’a’, SIbI’ Qe’ asian DeSDu’ vISop. qaSpu’DI’ chor naQ HoS ‘op ‘ej nach maH DoS, kroger, ‘ej QongDaq, ‘op DIjlu’ta’bogh ‘ej Beyond. ghaH ngevwI”e’ tIghmaj Sovbe’chu’ juH Dachegh tagha’ chenmoH maH. poH ‘oH DaH 2: 00. 3: 45 legh chay’pen jupwI’ ‘ej around veng SuvwI’ bikes lIgh. wItI’nISmo’ legh tuqmaj Duj down to pond ‘ej paddled around jupwI’ je. qaSpu’DI’ paddling Sun wItI’nISmo’ qoD ‘op refresh bIQ. vaj sadly DaH ghaj jup. ‘e’ episode funniest wasn’t ‘ach mugh jIH qaStaHvIS tlhIngan neH SepDaq case spock (pagh SoSnI’ nancy tu’lu’) qaS mev ‘e’ vISov. vaj vay’ Hol Hol vay’ mugh DaneH’a’ link below vISuch. Qo’noS ghIlDeSten reading.

Pen to the Paper season two!


~~~____________Welcome Back!_____________~~~

[Season Two of Pen to the Paper]


Welcome back friends, families, and colleagues! Today, April 28, 2015 I am beginning season two of Pen to the Paper. We are heading into summer but it is not here just yet, so this season shall be called, Pre-Summer. The next season you guessed it, Winter. Psych! It’s summer. This season will be about the school year, so it should be boring. And as most of you know already I have something to complain talk about.

Part: 1, Not going to school

You’re probably thinking, OMG Lucky Duck. He doesn’t have to go to school. I wish I we’re him. WRONG!

The Bad: Imagine yourself in a small stuffy room. Now, pick out your least favorite teacher always pushing you and giving you no mercy.

The Good: None of that was true! Gottcha! Though the room can get a little stuffy at times.

More Bad: School is a little harder and you have to keep pushing: projects due tomorrow, essays due today, PowerPoint on Thursday, and meetings on Saturday. Those are the easy weeks :(.

Less Good: I am very social, with myself. I have all kinds of conversations, with my dog. I play all kinds of games, with nobody :(.

The Good and the Bad: I have to memorize hard science words, ohh ya sure ‘ecosystems’ is easy but how about, multicellular, macromolecules, nucleic acids, membranes, prokaryotic, prokaryotes, nucleus, organelles, eukaryotic, eukaryote, Mitochondria, Mitochondria, Ribosomes, Cytoskeleton, Cytoplasm, Centriole, Lysosme, Golgi Apparatus, Flagellum, capsule, vesicle, chloroplasts, central vacuole, photosynthesis, Carbohydrates, glucose, and my favorite, Rough Endoplasmic reticulum. How’s that for a spelling bee? That’s in one chapter! Aaahhhhh FREAK OUT!

The Good: However despite the pain staking work it kinda pays of. Some Fridays its like half days. Other times I get to go somewhere, like to a coffee lounge and hang out. I get to sleep in until 9:00 some days and others 8:30. My bed time has been extended and I get to create blog posts like this one. As long as I work hard the school day ends at one and other times at 3:30 to four. Nonetheless I love being home schooled. Thanks for reading!

Pen to the Paper-3


Christmas was fun, I got presents, and coal.


Mom rudely flicked on the lights while I was partaking in Elegant Poetry. I retreated to under my arm where my burning eyes could take shelter. A frightened eyelash leaped for my eyelid and into my visual cornea. I fell back thrashing as my eyelash began to move. Itching and scratching as the eyelash changed position, finally I got it out with out help.

Pen to the Paper-2


My desk is organized, I’m just happy.


So I’m working on nothing

I tell you I am not bluffing

I’m really, really tired and

My nose is all stuffy

My throat is dry

I cannot cry

‘Cause I have no water in my eyes

My feet are sore

I look like a boar

Man I’ve been snore‘n

It’s kept me up all until this mornin’

That took about four Shel Silverstein books and a good look in the mirror this morning! Welcome back to another Pen to the Paper, today we are not talking about poetry we are talking about my shared desk suggesting from the “one-liner”. Now today my desk is abnormally clean which for starters means I have more than two inches to write. The point of this is to prove that my companion hogs the desk. Here is a picture to illustrate my frustration. IMG_1085-2

See I had to magnify it twice! Also, have of his/her stuff is on my side. I can see an empty lotion bottle, some disks, pens, and files of all kinds of weird junk. Ohhh, and there’s a mini-manual (for a mini-desk L). Well, that’s all for today. Let me know if you think that this is “shared” space and share your own experience. Thanks for reading :D.

Exciting Adventures: Lake Ray Roberts

Welcome back to another adventure! I have been kind of slacking and haven’t been posting so I thought I needed to.

This adventure takes us to pilot point, and a state park called Lake Ray Roberts. It begins on a sunday afternoon, blue sky, yellow-orangey sun, nice weather, and a beautiful park. Our group consists of me, my cousin, and my mom and dad. At Lake Ray Roberts there are tons of different trails and paths to explore and lots of wild life. There is a smell of pine trees and water (if water has a smell). A perfect day. So we began to hike up one of the trails and in to the woods. As we walked there was a less beaten path that lead to the lake. Through the rough grass and miscellaneous rocks we went to get to the crystal clear water. We walked around the shore line to a land bridge. It was low tide so the bridge was revealed and we could get across to the island. We hiked around there finding ducks, birds, and a random golf ball. That kind of terrain is not meant for golf or any sports for that matter. We finished our first trail and headed back to the car. We took a bathroom break and refilled our water bottles at a nearby rest area. My parents took us to a play ground so we could play and they could rest. Pretty soon younger kids came and we were forced off because we were to rough (not with the little kids just us being faster and bigger). We did one more trail and that took up the rest of our time. We hiked for a total of three long hours. Driving back there was an old road that nobody was on. So while the parents were checking the map we got to run up a huge hill that was very steep and tall. Any higher and you might as well call it a mountain. That was about it and we headed back home and settled down and had a goodnights rest.

Thanks for reading another one of my adventures if you have any suggestions of adventures or fun places that I could go, please drop a like and comment. 🙂